Fruity Yogurt in A Jar - Start The Day Right

Fruity Yogurt in A Jar - Start The Day Right

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is so true. 


You skip breakfast and have the whole day trying to making it up. So either you get something heavy and make your tummy full, really fast. You ended up eating in all the wrong time and need to recharge in the evening. 


It is understandable why we tend to take breakfast for granted. We are busy and there a million things we need to do in a day. Just thinking about it already makes you stress out, there is barely room for hunger. 


Why is that? Certainly, it doesn't have to be that way. There are simple ways of making a healthy, quick and simple breakfast. Are you a fan of yoghurt? lucky you. We got the right recipe for you. Not loving the fresh, creamy, and smooth texture? combine your yoghurt with delicious fruits and nuts to start right. (it's insanely easy). Not to mention delicious.


Yoghurt with various fruits and nuts. 


I don't like cooking difficult dishes. I like to keep things nice and simple. I figure most people are the same as me. This yoghurt with various fruits is a super simple dish that takes only about 35 minutes. 


Any type of yoghurt is ok. You can make it from store-bought or if you have the time and energy (which I don't) you can make your yoghurt. You can make it very creamy or mild. For this easy recipe, you need a cold yoghurt with about 180° temperature. 


Simplest Yogurt Dish For Breakfast


Most easy recipes are super fast. This yoghurt is no different. Get your yoghurt ready and all the other ingredients. A nice moist, thick yoghurt is what you are aiming for. What about the filling? It is all up to you. Various fruits add sweetness and adding nuts can give a balance of savoury flavours. 



  • Whole-milk Greek yoghurt 
  • Various berries such as Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Mulberry, Cranberry or even Gojiberry.  
  • Fresh Milk
  • Various nuts like Pecan, Macadamia, Almond, Walnut, Pistachio, and Hazelnut

Easy Steps to Make Fruity Yogurt


Step 1

Prepare all the ingredient. Clean your fruits and choose your jar, bowl or cup. 


Step 2

Get your Greek yoghurt and place it in a bowl. Put about a cup of fresh milk and whisk into the yoghurt until thicken. Place it in the serving container.  

Step 3

Arrange various fruits and nuts in layer with the portion of yoghurt and nuts or fruits. There is no certain amount that you need. It is all optional. If you like more fruits, that by all means. 

Step 4

You add jam for colour and a hint of sweetness. It also makes the jar pretty and more appetizing. 

Step 5

Serve it cold or put them in the fridge before consuming. 

There you have it. Easy recipe fruity yoghurt that no need any cooking or baking whatsoever. Super easy and healthy. Your kids can also do it by themselves. Enjoy your breakfast and have a very productive day!

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