Large size recipes and tips for quantity cooking-- Ellen's Kitchen-- Big Pots

Large size recipes and tips for quantity cooking-- Ellen's Kitchen-- Big Pots

If quantity cooking was as simple as multiplication life would be easier all around. However, asanyone put in the place of converting a recipe for two into something that will feed the whole familyreunion or a cafeteria of hungry kids will know -- life is not that simple. Holiday/ Turkey Meal Help

Community Feasts; an IntroductionShopping list and quantities for large turkey dinners- 30 or 300Turkey and Chicken: Yield TablesHow to carve a roast turkey at the tableHow to cut up many raw turkeys for faster roasting: plus TEMP and ROASTING TIPSEllen's Better Green Bean Casserole for 6025,000 for dinner; Raul Jimenez ThanksgivingOAMC Freezable Turkey and Stuffing CasseroleLowering the Fats and Carbs in Your Thanksgiving FeastThe Gravy Pages: Gallons of GravySafely Storing and Reheating Turkey and Gravy OR HamTraditional Frozen Fruit Salad and other Fruit Saladsand don't miss Ellen's Kitchen Freezable Holdable Mashed Potatoes, and Crockpot Cranberry Conserve. Corn Side Dishes for 10, 50, or 100.Souffle, green chili, succotash, fried cornFresh Country Green Beans for 50 or 100. Holiday Vegetables for 100; Green Bean variations, peas, cauliflower, pearl onions, brussel sprouts, spinach and more! Cream sauces and serving/ reheating tips.

new for 2012Yam Casseroles- Ruth Chris-style pecan traditional and spicy Yummy Yams.

Prime Rib and Beef Roasting Tips and Cooking TablesCranberry Choices

How to Estimate and Set up Buffet TablesEllen's Tested Quantity RecipesCold Champagne/ Wine buffet reception for 25 A buying guide. Chai spice tea Make your own quart of chai concentrate at a fraction of the cost of store-bought. Caffeine-free variation, too. Kung Fu Vegetarian Vegetable SoupJamilla's Gazpacho An icy summer garden soup. Herb Teas Six different herb blends for aches, pains, and just plain tasty drinking. Great Crockpot Chutney Summer or winter, with abundant harvest or canned fruits, you can make a terrific condiment for your curry or roast. Crockpot Cranberry RelishIf it's poultry or tofu roast you are preparing, try this autumn favorite. Sweet Brown Pickle (Branston Pickle) A crunchy, spicy vegetable pickle dresses up a plain sandwich or any cheese plate. Biscotti Baking Binge and a Collection of Biscotti-internet recipes and historyMeatballs, pasta and trimmings for 25 people. Add your own favorite sauce recipe. Whether you go Italian or Swedish, everybody can enjoy this easy meal. Easy souffle for 25 peopleThe original used canned soup, so is not for the meticulous. This adaptation is easy and untemperamental, using up lots of chopped cooked vegetables. It is a great hit with the diners. Baked macaroni and cheese for many with a quick and simple cheese sauce. Classic Baked Mac and CheeseThe rich golden, crunchy-topped dish of our dreams and memories. Fast baked apples have traditional flavor, but are practical for a group. Rice or tapioca custard puddingNourishing dessert, good for breakfast, too. Ellen's Really good bread puddingZoe's Hummus: 60 servingsRich Baked Oatmeal for 50 is an overnight recipe for a delicious, protein-fortified breakfast. Freezer or Crockpot Lasagna beef, chicken or meatless variations, this recipe uses uncooked lasagna noodles. Freezable, holdable Mashed Potatoes for 25 With this unique recipe, top a frozen shepards' pie, delight a Thanksgiving crowd, or serve with the upside down chickens below. Roast Chicken Melee when chickens are on sale, roast six at a time! 24 servings, plus the BEST chicken soup.24 Gardenburgers a clone recipe and a higher nutrition adaptation. These freeze very conveniently. Baked Yellow Squash Casserole for 24 as served all over the South and in a famous Southern Diner.Freezes beautifully for (OAMC) once a month cooking. Squash and Pasta Bake for 24 when you need a serious side dish or a good vegetarian main dish. Freezing precooked meat bases allows for quick preparation of large meals. Lower cholesterol in ground beef dishes! Cocoa and Rich Hot Chocolate Drinks for winter mornings and cookie feasts. Buttermilk Angel Biscuits Easy, tender, versatile; biscuits, dumplings, flatbread and much more. Refrigerate until needed. Freezable Crusts and Apple Filling for 10 piesnewButtermilk Bran muffinsnew Make 4 dozen at once or refrigerate the batter up to 6 weeks; variations with REAL bran instead of expensive bran cereals- less sugar, more fruit! Great Whole Grain Pancake Mix Homemade Deluxe Multigrain Buttermilk Batch Pancake and Waffle Mix Recipe.

Hawaiian Haystacks,Stacky Uppy, Stacki Uppi,Chicken SundaeLowfat freezable crockpot refried beansBig Beefy Tomato Soups and Variations

Deluxe Classic Sausage Gravy for 200Make Ahead Entrees

Freeze in batches, use for family feasts or wedding dinners. Wedding Chicken: Freezable Orange Dijon ChickenVeal or Chicken Marsala with tomatoes and mushrooms for 100Thrifty Entrees for 50-100

Great for free food events, these are tasty but inexpensive dishes- family or camp food, not wedding reception food. Spaghetti Casserole, Enchiladas, Chili, Lasagna, Freezer MeatballsChicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Fried Beef Liver, Baked Swiss SteakChicken and RiceSloppy Joes and Loose Meat SandwichesSide dishes for 50-100- salads, rice, veggiesVeggies and Other Side Dishes for 100Slaws, macaroni and potato salads 100 servings at a timeAn assortment of 100 person rice dishes for sides or entrees. Thrifty Rice Side DishesBeans For 100 Baked Beans, the Deacons' Lima Beans,Borracho BeansSlaws, macaroni and lots of different potato salads 100 servings at a timeCole Slaw Tips and More Quantity RecipesProfessional Recipes for 50-100

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