Potato Gratin with Porcini Mushrooms and Mascarpone Cheese

Potato Gratin with Porcini Mushrooms and Mascarpone Cheese

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Made this forChristmas dinner. EXCELLENT! Not lowfat but worth everyfork full!

This is delicious. You only need a little bit to be satisfied, though it is definitely a splurge. I've made it a few times much to the delight of my guests.

This dish is a little too heavy on the mushroom flavor. If that's what your looking for, go for it! I was looking for a more traditional gratin with more cheesyness. This was not it.

Our gratin was incredible - rich flavors of the mushrooms combined with my favorite cheeses. It was rich, but worth the calories for a Thanksgiving celebration.

Unfortunately, this was a no for us. We did use fewer porcini mushrooms than suggested, but really, the true downer was the mascarpone. This was just not the right use for it, frankly. It separated and completely disappeared in the baking process. Perhaps some flour would have held this oily mess together, perhaps a sturdier cheese like a fontina. Overall, this was a real miss for us.

This was rich. My friends and I like ho it was not like a typical Au Gratin. It was creamy with the earthy tones ofthe porcini mushroom.

Had such high hopeswith this recipe butI have to agree withpepsicolame thatit's an expensivedish, but also abland, greasy one. Cooked this on aSaturday night for anice dinner andwaited the 1:15minutes for it tocook. The mushroomsand cheese mix bothtasted great beforebaking. Themushrooms werebuttery anddelicious, thecheese was smoothand had the perfecthint of garlic. Afterbaking, the potatoeswere bland, themushrooms bland, andthe cheese becamemore of a pool ofoil. I had to addparmesean to addsome taste. It wasmuch better afterthat but I had toschedule a bypass toget all the fat outof my arteries.

Simple and tasty,but a littletime-consuming tomake. This dishlasts in therefrigerator andmakes for a goodmeal. You can'treally taste themascarpone, so usingsour cream insteadmight be a cheaperidea. I would addmore mushrooms nexttime. I also usedportabella and whitemushrooms - itreally makes nodifference.

Made this aroundThanksgiving andwill be makingagain this weekendfor a family get-together. Thisrecipe isdelicious. It'svery rich which mayend up resulting ina greasy dish butit's good tosplurge every oncein a while. I usedhalf porcini and 8oz of cremini toreduce the cost. Leftovers (if thereare any) aredelicious - evencold.

This tasted sooo good before cooking it. Afterwards, it is so greasy and the marscapone cheese justs disappears. The potatoes did not cook def. needs much more cooking time.

We loved thisrecipe. I made itfor 2 using 1 ounceof dried porcini'sand the proportionwas perfect. Aftersauteeing thechoppedreconstitutedmushrooms theyshrink down. Whatwas difficultwas 'spreading' thecheese mixture. Itwas very thick.

I doubled this dish for a holiday party. I cut the porcini's in half due to the cost of them. The crowd loved it and all asked for the recipe. It had a wonderful blend of flavors and was not greasy at all. The only suggestion I have is for the recipe editors do a reality check on the cost of items before they recomend them in a recipe. Porcini mushrooms are $8 an ounce in my area, not worth a $64 one ingredient cost. Even with cutting the mushrooms in half, it is still way too expensive of an ingredient. When I make it again, it will be with a different type of affordable mushroom.

I had leftover portabellos that I used instead of porcini and they worked fine. Overall, this dish was rich, satisfying and impressed my guests

An answer to theissue of cost withthis dish: I usedgoat cheese(unripened) andused sliced criminimushrooms insteadof the driedporcini. Grantedthe flavours of themarscapone andporcinis would befantastic, butthese alternativesworked very well. Other softunripened cheeseswould also work(cream cheese). Themushrooms weresimply cooked inthe oil and butteras stated in therecipe. To answer the "oily" issue, after cooking the mushrooms, I removed some of the residual oil in the pan.

This was fabulous - I agree however about being careful about the weight of mushrooms needed, I purchased 4 oz dried mushrooms ($7.00 an 4oz package) only to realize that the weight is definitely for reconstituted mushrooms. So I only used half of what I purchased for Christmas dinner, but they didn't go to waste :) The dish did turn out a little greasy, I served the dish off the main dining table so my guests didn't see the puddle of oils at the bottom of the baking dish - maybe a little flour in between a couple of the layers may have prevented that. Otherwise this was very very yummy and a big hit!

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