Tasty Kitchen - Davis, Ca

Tasty Kitchen - Davis, Ca

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I've been here three instances already and I honestly love this location as compared to other Chinese restaurants in Davis.

Taste: 9/10. My preferred dish is the garlic eggplant with cod clay pot. The other dishes I ordered had been the garlic bok choy, honey walnut prawns, salted fish and hen fried rice, and red meat chow a laugh. I assume the fried rice changed into barely bland, but I've had worse in Davis. The quantities are honestly smaller here, however I personally pick excellent over amount, specially with Chinese food.

Price: This is quite average for a widespread Chinese eating place.

Service: It's like a regular good Asian eating place. You call over the waiter whilst you need to reserve anything/ get the bill. This is nostalgic to me so I adore it.

Overall, it's one of the better Chinese restaurants here in Davis. It has a car parking zone subsequent to it in downtown so it is quite convenient. I'll truely be coming here often, and I noticed that in case you test in right here, you get a loose lemon iced tea which I didn't get to try yet!

The call says all of it! Tasty kitchen is in reality Tasty. No false advertising here. Staff are friendly and attentive. The meals comes out speedy and cooked perfectly.

We are glad to have located this establishment within the small college city. When we visit our kids we also can take them out to experience a few tasty meals!

Hot & bitter soup is superb.Other highly spiced matters no longer as spicy as I'd like however in reality lives up to the call Tasty.Definitely fills you up.Very stable Chinese eating place.

Decor no longer so exquisite here but this probably the excellent Chinese meals I've had as compared to Sacramento.

Flavors have been just right and unfastened tea (nowadays they make u pay for it). I wanted there were more salt and pepper shrimp however it turned into sooo desirable.

I desire they had dessert alternatives but the waiter stated it's seasonal.

We have been so hungry whatever would have tasted right- we each may want to slightly devour this grease fest. Ordered via Yelp, they accepted the order, driven back delivery time, and when the motive force arrived it took another half hour (over an hour) to make the food. Don't order from here because it's both bad food, and horrific service. Should have gotten a complete refund.Food- no flavor, oily and greasy. My accomplice estimates they made it in three-five mins. We were given an appetizer, chow mein, a tofu dish, and orange hen. The tofu had no taste, more water, extra squishy. The bird had no flavor, wasn't even absolutely cooked and slathered in, what we known as, goo. Chow mein could have been oil with a facet of noodles. No additional condiments due to the fact this location is at war with taste.Service- that they had over an hour earlier than the driver showed up to grab the meals. Forcing him to attend a further 25 minutes fees him cash, and in a university city that is literally how they make lease.Follow up- need to have examine the one celebrity opinions. The 4 and five big name that say it's simplest one ofChinese places in the area should not motive it to have that many stars.

We've been having a lot of fowl lately so this time we opted for the braised tofu and greens. Wow, such fantastic flavor and this dish had lots of tofu! Pleased to see generous amounts of bok choy in our to move box as properly.

Hurry, they are giving freely lovely bamboo calendars whilst supplies final. Another massive shout out for the fresh cup of warm tea. Happy New Year, may yours be wealthy!

Aboutweeks ago, we have been right here for past due afternoon snack of fried fowl wings and milk tea. Both had been extremely good in flavor so we bookmarked this area to go back.

Thanks to Lisa, Paul, Donna, Jo, Terry, and Rod who recently went to Lagoon and published their pix of yummy braised red meat over appearance amusing....we have been on a challenge!

Now it'd really come in handy if we ought to speak the language and order precisely what the object is known as. However Paul wasn't exactly near to help us out LOL

Needless to mention, we failed to get what we have been hoping for however it was nonetheless good. They did not have appearance a laugh so we had to settle for rice. They did not have tendon so we settled for smooth beef. They didn't have the gravy, it got here in a scrumptious broth.

So, project incomplete....we can need to hold our seek. We may be lower back and maybe next time we can just show them Lisa's meals percent to see in the event that they make it.

Great provider, appropriate food, and plenty of unfastened parking out the front.

Hands down the spareribs had been the best entree this meal. According to my resources, the flavours may be inconsistent relying at the chefs.  Everything else changed into respectable or average.

Food right here was so proper. Had a fantastic meal with so many various meat and veggie dishes. Would truely come back.

Oh. My. God. I was underneath the impression that I needed to power domestic to Sacramento for my authentic Cantonese delicacies restore. Not anymore! I changed into raised on conventional Cantonese meals, and allow me say, this vicinity is official! Right when you stroll in, you could tell it is an actual restaurant. Chairs stacked in a nook, humans sitting at tables doing busy work, antique Chinese guy within the lower back, the works. One man on the sign in wasn't carrying his mask when we walked in, however put it on whilst we did. They exceeded us a menu and let us take our time ordering. The unfastened lemon tea with Yelp test in become fantastic, it tasted just like the sweetened iced version of the hot tea you commonly get at dim sum. The guy who took our order changed into very quiet however very brief. Our food was ready by the point we came returned from a Starbucks run (15-20 mins). We ordered orange bird, BBQ red meat chow mein, and beef chow amusing. Everything turned into PIPING warm while we were given home!Orange chicken became tremendous! Nothing became soggy or below pro, eight/10. BBQ red meat chow mein changed into okay, a bit skimpy with the meat and a whole lot of veggies, 6/10. The chow amusing amazed me- it turned into delicious! 8.5/10. Prices are pretty trendy for the Sacramento location. Overall, I'm in reality inspired and definitely should come returned to strive their dim sum!

As a long way as places in Davis cross, this one is quite high up on taste. But I'd matters are successful or omit.

The pork pumpkin clay pot - meat weirdly tasted like TJ packaged quick ribs, however the pumpkin turned into delicious

Tomato pork chow mein + $2 for Hong Kong style - the Hong Kong style was worth it for the crispy noodles :) the tomato pork however was not tomato red meat. Tasted like candy and bitter - like precisely like sweet and bitter, I changed into disenchanted and left craving sweet and sour chook after I wanted tomato pork noodles.

The meals took awhile to return and I'll expect it is because the whole lot is being made fresh in the kitchen :) a snug vicinity to devour and I can see myself coming lower back at some point perhaps to strive different dishes.

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