Tasty Kitchen - Mississauga, On

Tasty Kitchen - Mississauga, On

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Love their HK milk tea and lemon tea right here. The tea flavour is strong and bitter enough.

I like their fried chook legs and fried ramen noodles. The wait for the fried fowl leg typically takes some time. Since they freshly fry it.

All the food within reason priced.

Based on the evaluations of this HK Style Cafe, I decided to bring the own family to experience a number of their tasty delights. First impressions?  Hole within the wall.  We were right away seated and given menus.  The menus have been so torn and tattered it felt gross dealing with them.  We ordered both of the red meat brisket noodle soups, highly spiced and non.  The soup broth  tasted like gently flavored water- yucky.  Big fails. On a advantageous notice,  my daughters cherished the baked Bolognese spaghetti with cheese.  Tasted very similar to Chef Boyardee.

Came with the aid of once more with a massive organization of people for lunch on Sunday (there has been approximately 14 humans) and it wasn't busy for us to be seated collectively. I know from our institution, it's a love hate feel for this eating place however determined to come back right here due to the fact we knew it turned into massive sufficient to keep every body.

My boyfriend encouraged the deep fowl leg with spaghetti and literally raves approximately how properly it's miles. I did not have an amazing revel in with my last baked spaghetti dish so I'll get some thing that he says is "really suitable". Portions are massive like I said earlier than, and the chook thigh is deep fried and the skin is wonderful crispy. The spaghetti comes undeniable with the sauce at the facet. You have some alternatives to choose from. I selected the garlic which imo is not garlicy enough. Think it needed extra. It's essentially like.. an Asian fashion gravy with garlic portions and it is on the sweet give up. I poured it in my spaghetti and dipped my bird inside the sauce bowl. Btw, if u ask for my sauce.. they may price you $1.

This become a combination meal so I were given a coffee milk tea. It wasn't that horrific. The coffee has a sturdy after flavor which is good and it is loads creamier then I predicted.

Generally my dish this time became accurate. A LOT higher then what I had before. Service, could have been better. There was this one more youthful gentleman that changed into giving us the dishes very aggressively - believe if he simply dropped the plate from 2cm above fast. The drop was loud.

Btw this dish rings a bell in my memory of Oasis! Good antique karaoke days where they had a dish like this too. I keep in mind that being clearly appropriate. Ah nostalgia.

Only went to this location because my to head Chinese restaurant become manner too busy to seat us. I had an open thoughts because a few of my friends move here quite often and said it is "decent for the fee" they're right approximately the charge. Dishes right here are low priced and they have day by day lunch social and night specials. I went with a secure desire and ordered chook steak on spaghetti and tomato sauce and.. it wasn't the finest. The restaurant wasn't that busy in my opinion for them to "rush cook dinner the order". Though the waitresses stored on foot round to serve their tables, we have been in no way recounted if we wished extra tea or napkins. They handiest gave us one sheet in line with individual..

The hen on my dish became a hen thigh and once I peeled off the pores and skin which wasn't crispy (lose factors here) I noticed that the center component was still pink. We told the waitress and she or he sent it lower back to be recooked. Took a while and I had a nook piece of it and it was overcooked. Got a stomach ache after for a while. I had spaghetti leftover and I did not come to be ingesting the fowl. I just threw it out lol, failed to believe it. Only precise part turned into the tomato sauce, it become sweet.

The second dish was standard chook chow mien. We didn't just like the taste of this either.

Generally the quantities are huge. I just had a awful first enjoy. Not sure if I would come back.

I love coming to Tasty Kitchen for a quick lunch throughout the work week and the whole thing is fairly priced at round $10, which also comes with a loose drink and/or soup.

Having been to Tasty Kitchen more than one times, I suppose my favorite dish is their warm casserole bowls. I've tried the Chicken & Chestnut bowl and the Curry bowl and each tasted extraordinary. For kind of $8,50 every, you get complimentary rice on the aspect, a bowl of conventional Chinese soup, and a beverage of your desire (should pay more if you need it to be cold). It is properly well worth the charge and I needed to % some of it due to the fact the element changed into pretty generous for a lunch.

The menu also has different types of dishes to be had, together with noodles, fried rice, and stand-by myself dishes for large organizations and for dinner. I think they may be recognised for his or her warm pot hen made with unfastened-run hen, that's cooked at the stove pinnacle at your table.

The carrier changed into pretty lacking, but. During my revel in at lunch, it was very hard to flag down a server, because there were 3 people there running the eating place and that they were usually at the go busy serving the other customers. It changed into definitely less complicated to get their interest in case you speak Cantonese.

Chicken with chestnut casserole

Great for small snacks and tea, entrees are disappointing, but lower priced.

The meals is so under subpar, the meals is blander then eatting at an elderly domestic. The charge you pay reflects on the quality of dish.

My steak with spaghetti is simply spaghetti noodles slapped on with sauce and a skinny steak. No garnish or care.

My friends spaghetti became even worse, curry bird spaghetti had coloration however became absolutely tasteless, no longer even a touch of a flavour alas..

The tea turned into now not terrible, I enjoyed the soup and bread very tons. However the kitchen work needs primary improvement.

I'd suggest the kitchen to work to shorten the prolonged menu that's WAYYY to tremendous, it even confuses the reader.

I'm now not certain I'll come again but possibly for a few espresso and small snack could be an amazing region for.

Reliable HK-style cafe in Missauga supplying a large choice of sizzling plates, fried noodles, soup noodles, meats, sandwiches, rice dishes and snacks on their menu.

Fried instantaneous noodle with red meat & black pepper

Beef and rice in cream sauce

Food: four/five A little gradual but first-rate afternoon tea menu.Service: three/five Efficient and serious.Environment: 4/5 Simple. Seating is spaced well.Washrooms: four/five Okay.Worth it?: 4/five Good for a snack or afternoon tea.

Came here after a protracted hiking journey. We had been a collection of ate and carrier ended up shifting another desk who simply sat right down to make room for us. The circle of relatives who become requested to transport did so graciously so we lucked out.

The afternoon tea menu is quite exact with a variety of alternatives. Service does seem to want to rush to get your orders in.

Food portion is sized nicely. I had the spaghetti with meat sauce (to carb load after the hike). It became a easy dish and what you will expect from an HK cafe.

I would come lower back subsequent time I'm in Sauga. There aren't many HK cafes round and this one is a terrific bang in your dollar.

I am surely a superb fan for HK meals specially seeing that I do not stay in Markham, I would say that is one of the very few places in sauga to have it.The milk tea is regular and so is my all-time fav "yin yang" (blended milk tea and espresso).  Tasty constantly makes milk tea clean and it is awesome smooth...strikes a chord in my memory  of HK!They have lunch specials thru out the week in addition to dinner specials. I like their Chinese hot pot as they have diverse picks and it comes with a drink and soup. They additionally have a completely popular deep fried Chicken leg blend that a whole lot of humans order. It is very filling because the Chicken leg is huge! Tasty serves breakfast on weekends which sadly I don't often get to consume.. But the abnormal instances that I have had it..it reminds of HK...reminiscing of the yummy goodness again home..

I for my part experience Tasty and I would say to provide it a strive if you want hk-fashion food!!

Lunch unique, Baked bolognese- can not move wrong with this one!

This place is quite true - I turned into pleasantly amazed at the choice right here. They have weekday specials where each day of the week they offer 5 exclusive dishes at a cheaper price.

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