Tasty™ One Pinnacle® By Cuisinart

Tasty™ One Pinnacle® By Cuisinart

The Perfect

Sous Vide Steak

Slow CookedMeatballs

Pan Fried Egg


Old FashionedDonuts



Pan Seared Steak

Bolognese Sauce

Chocolate Sauce

Caramel Sauce

Sous Vide Salmon


Deep FriedDeviled Egg

Vegetable Kebabs

Fried Samosa

Gooey GrilledCheese

BBQ Pulled PorkFries

Chicken MisoRamen


Mom'sChicken Soup

HomemadeHalloween Candy

Birthday Cake

Movie NightPopcorn

Beer (Yes, Beer)

Browned ButterCrepes

The Tasty™ One Top® makes it clean to cook all your favourite recipes, all on one compact appliance.

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The One Top become engineered to be the maximum flexible equipment on your kitchen. Say goodbye to guessing and hello to ideal food.

How It Works

Download The One Top App

Meet Our New App

Pick a Recipe

Hundreds of recipes at your fingertips, or choose a staple like steak or salmon.

Let The One Top Do The Cooking

With dual precision temperature tracking, One Top takes the guesswork out of cooking.

One Top. Lots of Possibilities.

Pan, Deep and Stir Fry

Heat your pan quicker, more continuously, and preserve it at a specific temperature.

Low & Slow, and not using a more hardware wished.

Precision Cook

Like medium well steak? Well done salmon? One Top's temperature sensors will help you nail it each single time.

Tableside Cooking

Shabu-Shabu & Fondue together with your crew. Throw the One Top at the table and revel in a meal along with your pals.

With no extra gadget, One Top can keep liquid temperature to at least one degree.

Do You. Sear, simmer, saute, poach, grill, and test!


Engineered crystal glass floor

Integrated floor sensor tracks the surface temperature of your pots and pans

Capacitive contact electricity manipulate buttons

Thermometer tracks the temperature of beverages, meat and fish

Energy green cooking

Pentagon Shape - due to the fact Instagram

One Top App

Now available in the App save & Google Play.

Cook your preferred recipes with the tap of the app.

LIke it medium nicely? One Top helps you to set your options.

Track time & temperature to cook dinner perfect food every time.

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The maximum flexible equipment in your kitchen.

One Top (Black or Blue), Thermometer

Tech Specs


Bluetooth LE 4.zero

Power Draw:

120V AC / 12A

Power Output:

1500 W

Max Operating Temperature:


App Platform:

iOS & Android

Control App:

One Top

Power Control:

Capacitive Touch / App Connectivity

Countries of Sale:



What is the One Top?

The Tasty One Top is a clever induction cooktop. When following a recipe in the One Top app, the One Top routinely modifications its temperature and electricity settings to exactly match the instructions. The One Top’s thermometer measures the inner warmness of your meats and fish to cook to the perfectly favored temperature, without or with the app. The One Top can be utilized for nearly any form of cooking including: Sous vide, deep frying, pan frying, stir frying, grilling, simmering, sauteing, sluggish cooking, searing, poaching, and greater!

What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic fields to heat the pot or pan without delay - now not the cooktop. The One Top combines induction cooking with precision temperature manipulate for meals that cooks quicker, tastes better, and gives you steady consequences meal after meal.

Where do you deliver?

The Tasty One Top is currently available to customers inside the United States.

What forms of cooking can I do at the One Top?

Without any extra equipment, you could: Sous vide, deep fry, pan fry, stir fry, grill, fondu, shabu-shabu, simmer, saute, gradual cook dinner, sear, poach, toast, and more!

What is the thermometer for?

The thermometer reads the temperature of drinks and meals (like meat and fish). This lets in you to preserve liquid temperature to 1 degree Fahrenheit and be sure your meats/fish are cooked to the exact temperature.

What is sous vide you are speakme about?

In sous vide (sue-veed) cooking, food is positioned in a zipper bag and submerged in water. The thermometer measures the precise temperature of the water to attain a wonderfully cooked dish. The thermometer can also screen the temperature of your soups, meats, and sluggish cooked recipes.

How does the One Top work with the app?

The One Top connects to your app through Bluetooth, allowing the One Top to get hold of commands on how warm to warmness your pan, and how lengthy to cook dinner your meals before the following step. You also can manually set time and temperature to prepare dinner your very own recipes.

What if I don't have the app?

You can manually use the Tasty One Top through the buttons on the the front of the One Top.

Can I use my pots and pans?

The One Top works with all induction compatible pots and pans. Don’t recognize if your pans are induction well matched? Put a magnet (a fridge magnet will do) on the bottom of the pan and shake your pan. If it sticks, you’re correct to head. If it slides off without problems, your pan might not work. Wondering if cast iron works? Hell yeah it does.

What is the guarantee / return policy?

Click to view our Warranty PolicyClick to view our Return and Cancellation Policies

Where can I ask extra questions?

For questions on your One Top product, please touch TastyOneTopSupport@Cuisinart.com

For questions about your One Top order, please touch Orders@cuisinart.com

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