Tess Tasty Kitchen

Tess Tasty Kitchen

1 lb. (1/2 kg) Chicken, reduce into 1-inch cubesand washed.

1 Onion, chopped coarse in a chopper (ordiced)

1 Tomato cut into medium portions

1tbs Vegetable OilMethod

Heat Oil in a pan and sauté the onion to a light brown.

Stir in Ginger and Garlicpaste. Cook 2 mins.

Reduce the warmth upload all theitems above, from Ginger paste thru Salt, and mix well.

Add tomato and prepare dinner for 3 mins.

Add bird cook dinner until the waterevaporates and the oil pools (blend is no longer bubbling water and oil seeps outof the mix).

Turn off the warmth, add the SourCream and mix properly.

A super aspect dish for riceor any form of bread together with chappathi, poori or naan..Cheru payaru (moong dal) Payasam 


2 cups Coconut Milk (1 can)Method

Fry the Cheru payaruin a pan for 5 mins.

Set aside and permit it coolfor about 5 minutes.

Wash (no longer soak) the fried Cheru payaru inwater and cook dinner it in a strain cooker till 3 steam bursts.

Wait until the steamsubsides and it's far safe to open the cooker (should not steam when you raise the burden on pinnacle). This may be as much as approximately 10 minutes. Take the lid off.

Turn the flame again on tomedium warmth.

Add the Jaggery, stir the combination and cook dinner for three minutes.

Add the coconut milk andcook for five minutes, lightly stirring occassionally. The blend will become thickand viscous, however will nevertheless pour down from a spoon.

Separately in a pan, heatghee and lightly fry the cashew and raisins till the cashews flip a golden brown.

Turn off the heat on thecooker. Transfer the contents to a serving dish.

Add the fried cashew and raisins at the pinnacle and serve either warmor cold.Mango Chammandhi


half cup Mango cut into small portions

3 small pearl onions (sambar onion or kunjiyaulli)

It very simple. Just put all of the above elements, except the coconutoil, in a blender (mixie) and grind to a rough blend.

It takes about three minutes inside the blender. Stop halfway, after abouta 1 ½ minutes, to stir the mixture, folding in what's caught to the sides of the bowl. This is a great time to test if the salt is sufficient. If the mixture is sour add a bit salt.

Towards the stop, check now and again to make sure that the mixture doesnot get to a fine paste.

Transfer the mixture from to a serving dish. Add the coconut blend and mixwell. 

The chammandhi is prepared to eat. Best eaten with rice.

1 Bell Pepper, cut intolarge pieces

2 tbs Chillie Sauce (orSriracha Sauce)

Washthe Fish and cut in to 1-inch cubes.

Mix Chilliepowder, Turmeric powder, Salt and Oil to create a marinade.

Mixthe fish in the marinade, cowl and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Deep Frythe fish and set it apart.

Frythe curry leaves inside the oil and set apart.

Heat2 tbsp of oil in a pan. Sauté the Onion to a mild brown

Addginger and garlic paste and sauté for two greater mins

Addbell pepper and sauté for 2 greater mins.

Add chilliesauce, soy sauce, ketchup, 2 tbs water and mix well.

Addfried fish and blend very gently. Turn off the range.

Garnishwith the fried curry leaves.

Home Style Chicken Hakka Noodles

1 Packet Hakka Noodles( Suggested Brand - Ching's Secret )

1 Carrot, cut into square and thin long 2 inch pieces

five Green Beans, sliced skinny diagonally (comes out long)

1 spring onion, slicedin circles

four Green Chillies, splitin 1/2 (or as spicy as you want)

Cook Noodlesper course on the packet  (I boil for five mints.)

Sautéthe hen for about 2 mins

Add carrot,beans, cabbage and sauté for two mins

Beateggs, including a tsp of water.

Scrambleeggs within the pan and transfer to a plate.

eight.        Add a tbs of oil and sautéonion and inexperienced chilly, until onions are mild brown.

Add Ginger,Garlic paste and Spring Onion to the sauté and prepare dinner for two mins.

Add noodles, add the sauté and scrambledegg that turned into set aside and blend well.

12.  Suggest you serve it with ketchup or a hot sauce.Serve hot and experience.Egg Puffs 

IngredientsPuff Pastry Sheets - 2 tri-folded sheet makes 18 puffsnine Hard Boiled Eggs - shell removed and reduce in half1 tbsp. Water (to paste sheet corners) 1 Egg, raw, with 1 tsp water, beaten nicelyMethod

Iftaken out of the freezer, permit the pastry sheets thaw at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes, tomake them pliable.

Openthe tri-fold of the pastry sheet (Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets). First cut themvertically along the fold, then reduce each of them into three same pieces. You willget nine rectangular portions. It is vital that the pieces are square.

Linea baking tray with a baking sheet and spray with oil.

Takeeach square piece, vicinity one egg-1/2 diagonally, face down, at the rectangular piece.

Foldover the othercorners over the egg half of. Wet the corners with a few waterso the corners stick collectively over the egg.

Placethe organized portions onto the baking tray.

Beforebaking, brush on the overwhelmed egg over every piece.

Preheatthe oven to 400 ranges (F).

Bakefor 15 to 18 mins (It is prepared when the pinnacle of the egg puffs turns brown)

Whendone, take it out and allow it cool for five mins.

Servewith a sauce of your preference

Ketchup,Sriracha, Hot Sauces, Maggie Hot and Sour are some alternatives.Kerala Chicken Curry



2 lb Chicken (attempt with skin half a bird so you get all forms of portions)

half of medium size Red Onion, diced

1 tbsp. chopped Ginger

4 Green Chillies, sliced lengthwise

three tbsp. Coriander Powder

2 tbsp. Vegetable Oil

              Finishing Ingredients1 Cup Water1 Can or 2 Cups of Coconut Milk1 tsp Garam Masala1 tsp Salt (or salt to flavor)half Red Onion, sliced thin2 tbsp. Vegetable Oil2 Potatoes

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